Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2020

Making the Porter-Gaud experience ever more meaningful

In late 2019, Porter-Gaud embarked on the development of a new strategic plan through a collaborative and transparent process that included more than 800 people, including Board members, parents, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Charleston community members.


A Forward-Looking, Student-Centered Approach

Following a “pandemic pause,” the Board approved the five-year plan in October 2021. This plan is the result of the most inclusive and expansive community engagement process ever undertaken by the School. Guided by our mission and supported by a commitment to make the Porter-Gaud experience ever more meaningful, accessible, and distinctive, this plan takes a forward-looking, student-centered approach to building action steps around the School’s future goals. 

Why Do a Strategic Plan? Strategic plans are required for SAIS accreditation. The planning process also allows us to align stakeholders, engage the community, and define how success is measured. Our plan is a deliberate and thoughtful guide for building on the School’s strengths, leveraging opportunities for improvement, and driving toward specific milestones.

Our Three Key Goals: 

  • Embrace a student-centered vision of teaching and learning.
  • Strengthen connections within and beyond our Porter-Gaud community.
  • Fortify the future of Porter-Gaud.


Steering Committee

The following administrators, faculty, staff, and Board members make up the Strategic Plan 2020 Steering Committee. They will be responsible for ensuring progress and milestone are met with the plan.

  • Strategic Plan Chair - Dee Fortson
  • Head of School - DuBose Egleston
  • Chief Financial Officer - Raj Mallawaaratchy 
  • Academic Dean - Audrey Holsten
  • Marketing/Communications - Cathi Hilpert
  • Admissions - Ken Hyde
  • Board Member - Jim Buxton
  • Board Member - Manda Poletti
  • Board Member - Jamie Tozzi


Keeping You Informed:

The plan lays out accountability, timing, and goals. We will provide progress reports on this page as we continue this vital work.