Making a difference

Porter-Gaud offers a variety of need-based scholarships for grades 6-11 to help defer the cost of tuition. Please contact a member of our admission team to find out if one of our scholarship programs can help make a Porter-Gaud education a reality for your family.

Timeline for Scholarship Applicants

  • February 1, 2025: Financial Aid Applications for prospective families due (Note: Scholarship Applicants must have a completed Financial Aid Application on file and show demonstrated financial need prior to applying for a scholarship.)
  • February 3, 2025: Porter-Gaud Admission Applications Due
  • Date TBD: Scholarship Applications Due
  • Dates TBD: Scholarship Finalists Interviews
  • Date TBD: Family Notification (Admission Decision, Financial Aid Award, Scholarship Award).


Scholarship Application Process

For information on how to apply for scholarships, please contact:

Kathleen Beck
Admission Process and Event Coordinator



Broad-Reach Scholarship

The goal for the Broad-Reach Scholarship is to attract students with financial need who will accept the scholarship’s challenge to take full advantage of the opportunities at Porter-Gaud that help them grow as individuals. This challenge targets a student's potential and inspires them not only to add to themselves, Porter-Gaud, and the outside community; but, also, to take those lessons learned into their adult life to make a difference in whatever they do, large or small.

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Achieving that goal starts with the scholarship’s name. It is named for sailing’s “broad reach”, a favorable point of sail to catch the winds that typically moves a boat faster and more comfortably through the water to its destination. As the scholarship name implies, this challenge asks recipients to dedicate themselves to a broad outreach with participation in a variety of activities such as community service, the creative or fine arts, athletics, and student clubs. To enhance their outreach, the recipient must also dedicate themselves to "in-reach" with a commitment to self-growth and character development.

Through this reaching in both directions, they will learn two things. First, the recipient will learn about themselves and others, helping them discover not only their own strengths, but also the help they need from the strength of others. Second, as the recipient acknowledges his or her setbacks, they can use those experiences to adjust their course. As in sailing, they will experience many unforeseen conditions. Through their successful and not-so-successful experiences of outreach and in-reach, these Broad-Reach scholarship recipients can develop the resourcefulness needed to adjust to the changing conditions they will experience throughout their lives. That is the goal for the Broad-Reach Scholarship.

The vision for the Scholarship originates from the original donor’s life experiences at Porter-Gaud and after. That donor attended Porter-Gaud from 1966 to 1975. Academically, the School gave the donor a great jump-start in college and beyond. After ten years of working for large organizations, he and a business partner started building a technology-based company from scratch with very little money available. A quarter of a century later, the company now employs over thirty people who have very rewarding careers. Through many successes and failures, the company, for their tiny niche, now dominates their market competing against companies that employ thousands of people. One of the biggest achievements for the donor is the challenging and rewarding career opportunities that these efforts have created for the people that work with him. These are truly unique and talented people the company has nurtured.

Through those years of exciting successes and trying failures, the donor realized that he benefited immensely from his Porter-Gaud experience, but also realized that he missed a great deal by not taking full advantage of all the School’s offerings. The donor feels that the path of achievement for the company and its people could have been a much straighter line if he had pursued more of the challenges the School offered.

With the Broad-Reach Scholarship, the donor hopes to bring that experience and challenge to present-day students. But, the recipients of the Scholarship should not be destined for achievements that mirror the donor. Rather, they should be destined for any achievements that enrich their lives and make a difference to others.

Applicants for the Broad-Reach Scholarship must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Exhibit strong academic and social skills.
  • Demonstrate determination in and out of the classroom.
  • Show evidence of enthusiasm for and motivation toward maximizing his/her educational opportunities.
  • Demonstrate financial need to qualify for funding of at least 30% of tuition through Porter-Gaud’s need-based financial aid qualifying process


Malone Scholarship

Porter-Gaud School is one of 50 schools nationwide to be honored with an endowment from the Colorado-based Malone Family Foundation in 2011. We are the only Malone school in South Carolina. Established with an initial $2 million grant, the Malone Scholar Endowment Fund significantly increases Porter-Gaud’s ability to offer scholarships and school-related expenses to exceptionally motivated and capable students with financial need in grades 7 through 11. Porter-Gaud School is the only school in South Carolina to receive this prestigious award.


"I wouldn't have been able to attend PG without the Malone scholarship. I came in seventh grade. I received an amazing education and I really enjoyed my teachers and my teammates. We're family here." Eric "EJ" Jackson '17, all-star student-athlete, Varsity football/wide receiver and Varsity basketball/forward.

Applicants for the Malone Scholars Program must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Rank in the top 5% of their class.
  • Maintain outstanding standardized test scores.
  • Show evidence of enthusiasm for and motivation toward maximizing his/her educational opportunities.
  • Demonstrate financial need to qualify for funding of at least 30% of tuition through Porter-Gaud’s need-based financial aid qualifying process


Middleton Scholarship

Khris Middleton ’09 is an alumni of Porter-Gaud and a NBA basketball player with the Milwaukee Bucks. As a junior and senior at PG he was named South Carolina Player of the Year and was a McDonald’s All-American nominee. He went on to play college basketball for Texas A&M University and was drafted to the Detroit Pistons in 2012 as the 39th overall pick.


"The goal of my scholarship is to provide funding for a diverse group of students, who without help, would not have the financial means to attend Porter-Gaud. I dedicate much of my success to what I learned inside and outside of the classroom at Porter-Gaud, and I want to give that same opportunity to other kids in Charleston."Khris Middleton

Expectations of a Middleton Scholar:

  • To honor the high standards of the program, Middleton Scholars will be good citizens who contribute to the Porter-Gaud family and demonstrate respect for their teachers, the administration, and their fellow students.
  • Middleton Scholars should embrace the curriculum at Porter-Gaud and pursue a personally challenging course load.
  • It is hoped that Middleton Scholars will actively seek opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities in the arts, athletics, community service, and/or student governance.


Porter-Gaud Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship was created to recognize and support worthy students who are related to an alumnus or alumnae of Porter Military Academy, The Gaud School, or Porter-Gaud School.

Proceeds from the PGAA Annual Golf Tournament and other fundraisers provide scholarships each year.