Discover Beauty

At Porter-Gaud, we create a safe learning environment where students are comfortable and excited to learn new things, step outside of their comfort zones, become someone new on the stage, create something new with a paint brush, overwhelm their emotions with music, write a new score in music theory, choreograph a new dance… anything is possible.


We believe creative expression makes the world a more beautiful place.

Our faculty demand quality, but do so in a space that is supportive and with instruction that is both thoughtful and meaningful. The result is students who are prepared to enter their futures with the talent, skills, drive, and passion to achieve their personal goals.

Our curriculum is an evolution of opportunities, courses, and performances. Students learn how to perform, but also learn what goes on behind the scenes of a quality performance.

They learn how to sing with technique, but also how to perform or compose with emotion and expression. They don't just dance, they learn how to marry music and movement through choreography. They don't just paint a picture or form clay, they bring a personal visualization to life. The visual arts give students a unique form of expression where they get to bring something into the world that has never been seen before, while transforming the way we see the world through creative expression.



Our Arts Program