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Who We Are

As an Episcopal school, we nurture in our students a love of learning, empathy for one another, and understanding of the importance and joy of living a life of integrity.



Percent of Faculty with Masters Degrees or Higher.


The number of acres on our beautiful campus.


Inquisitive, exceptional, talented students in grades 1-12.


Student to teacher ratio.


State athletic titles in the last 5 years.


Hours spent in service to the Lowcountry.


“We moved to Charleston from the Northeast, and the entire school community could not have been more welcoming to my family. I am grateful for an easy transition.”

Caroline West

Parent, Third and Fourth Graders

“At PG, I was inspired. That zest for learning that I got at PG stayed with me throughout my graduate work and early career.”

Jessica Baron

Alumna, Class of 2006
Pediatric Dentist 

“There is much to learn from the stories of those who came before us – if captured fully and cast in an honest light. There is also no better audience for these stories than children. Their minds are incredibly elastic and, as stewards of the future, they perhaps more than anyone need to learn from the invaluable lessons history has to offer."

Daniel Jordan

Teacher, History Department

“PG not only sparked my interest in the international community but it also taught me how to bridge relationships between people who are different from me.”

Dr. Melvin Brown

Alumnus, Class of 1987

“Over the 40 years, the faces may have changed and the campus may have grown, but the level of excellence remained constant for my three sons.”

Drake Rogers

Alumnus, Class of 1983
Past Parent of three alumni 

“Being a service leader meant that I had to be somebody people looked up to. I had to learn new things, be friends with new people, and hear different opinions. Service really helped me open up and come out of my shell."

Chandler McKelvey

Alumna, Class of 2019
Service Leader

"That’s what Porter-Gaud is great at - uniting everyone. No matter where you come from or where you live, you’re going to find your friends, and these are the people you’re going to know for the rest of your life.” 


Holston Slack

Class of 2020

“Porter-Gaud instilled in me a strong academic ambition led by passionate faith, which I will carry with me. I am blessed to have such strong academic roots.”

Brinkley Norton

Alumna, Class of 2019
Chamber Singers, Porterbellas


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