The Cyclone Experience

POrter-Gaud School

The Cyclone Experience 

To be a Cyclone means many things. We seek to nurture so many talents in our stundents to give them a multi-dimensional experience and perspective. Our students learn to excel, not just in one things, but many.

Realized Potential

We encourage all our students to be involved and try new things. Passions are often discovered in places you may have never thought to look. We have a depth of opportunities in our curriculum that balances academics, arts, athletics, and spiritual life to help students gain confidence, become resilient, meet challenges, and discover facets of themselves that have remained hidden until a moment of inspiration brings them to the surface.

Wherever they want their lives to take them, we strive to provide pathways for inspiration along the way to unlock potential that has always been there. It just needed a little encouragement and cultivation to flourish.


Components of the
Cyclone Experience