Serving Our Community

Serving our community

A culture of philanthropy

As an Episcopal school, we believe in loving as we ourselves have been loved.

Acts of Service Joyfully Undertaken

Service has been integral to the life of our school since its founding by Dr. Porter in 1867. In the person of Jesus Christ, we see that the unconditional and indiscriminate love of God has been graciously given to each and every one of us. Having received such love, we seek to likewise offer it freely to one another.

We, therefore, do not require service hours for graduation. Instead, we seek to cultivate a culture in which service is joyfully undertaken, across all divisions, not as a transaction but as an overflow and outward manifestation of the love we have for those around us.

We have many community partners and do what we can to support all those in need locally and globally.

Some of the non-profits we work with regularly are:

…and so many more!

Please follow the pgservice account on Instagram to see their work in the community.