Mount Pleasant News

December 2020


It’s “Laura Numeroff Month” in the two’s! We will read books by this beloved children’s author throughout the month of December. A few of her books are “If You give a Mouse a Cookie,” “If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” and “If You Give a Moose a Muffin.”  These books will expose us to sequencing, cause and effect, cooking, and more!

 Our color of the month is red, and our shape is a star. We will also practice the fun skills of scooping, pouring, and filling containers!   



As we welcome in the holiday season, we begin a new unit, The Spirit of Giving. This month  our three year old classes will collect items to support our local chapter of the Ronald McDonald House. We will deck the halls as we begin a new tradition of ornament week. Classroom  elves will visit our classroom daily  to leave exciting packages for the children to create reindeer, wreaths, Santa’s beard, Christmas trees, and candy canes! We will end the month with our holiday party and our “PJ and Polar Express” morning. Our focus letters are M, D and G and the number 5 with gifts, the grinch, decorating, marshmallow and mugs and five golden rings! 


During the month of December, our 4K students will be learning to properly from the letters G and S, as well as identifying the sounds each makes. Be on the lookout for a Green Grinch for the letter G! We will also be studying Holiday Traditions and Celebrations with craft making and class parties.

While each year we are usually busy getting ready for holiday programs during this time, we will spend it exploring science with fun experiments. The children will observe what will happen to candy canes when soaked in water, rubbing alcohol, vinegar and oil. They will use the scientific method to make predictions, observations, and conclusions.

Our Discovery Students have traveled to Europe with their first stop in Italy to make pizza and ride on a gondola. They will also visit Sweden for St. Lucia, Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, gingerbread houses in Germany, and more as we Discover Holiday Traditions throughout Europe!


December is a busy and exciting month for the 5's!  We get to travel all around the world to learn about different holiday traditions.  We will learn about Diwali in India, La Befana in Italy, St. Nicholas Day in the Netherlands, Las Posados in Mexico, St. Lucia in Scandinavia, Hanukkah and Kwanza. We will have a visitor from Porter-Gaud coming in for a fun reading of the Grinch, where we will all wear green! We will also spend one morning visiting each Kindergarten class to make an ornament along with a special holiday snack! We will continue to work our way through the alphabet, taking a deeper look at the letters P, A, H, T, O and N. In math we will be comparing numbers using the words more than, less than or equal to. 


Music News


Christmas songs are in the air as we practice singing some of our favorites. We are still playing instruments to keep the beat. We are shaking eggs to Felice Navidad and our Hannakah songs. We will also play our rythm sticks as we sing Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

The two's and three's are opening up the box to find their pj's are rocking the baby in the Mrs. Myers original Rock Baby. We are lighting the Menora in our Hannakah song and playing instruments in Jingle Bells. 

We travel throughout the room with our instruments to feel the Holiday move and groove!

Happy Holidays!

World Language


This month we will be continuing our "flamenco" theme and will be making fans to represent the Hispanic world.

We will also learn ingredients and preparation for the Mexican dish "guacamole".

We will also learn the song "Feliz Navidad" and talk about Christmas in Spain and England :)




November 2020


The two’s are getting down on the farm in November! We will have fun with all the barnyard animals, learn what it means to be a farmer, and find out about all the vegetables that can be harvested! Our nursery rhymes this month are Ba, Ba, Black Sheep and This Little Piggy. We will also become familiar with the color brown and the shape triangle.


We are ThankFALL this month! The children have been decorating the room in fall colors, making decorations, and we'll add "Tom Turkey" too!  Our focus letters for the month are E, H and R and the number 4. We will learn about helping hands, heartfelt turkeys, thankful trees, raking leaves, and 4 feathers. We will introduce the children to what it means to be thankful and how to show gratitude. The children will be creating Thanksgiving cards to be given to the residents at our local retirement communities. We will create costumes to be worn at our Thanksgiving feast which is prepared by the children.


During the month of November, 4K students will practice gratitude and thankfulness with our school families. Each class will share a Thanksgiving themed feast before we vacation with family and friends at the end of the month.

Our curriculum incorporates traditional preschool age appropriate Native American studies to include how natives lived and worked. Children will in addition to stringing pasta and bead necklaces, respectfully learn what native homes and villages looked like in comparison to how we live today.

Children will learn how to properly form, identify, and provide a sound for the letters O, Q, G, and S.  They will identify and count the numbers 9-11, continue to copy and extend patterns, demonstrate positional words, and draw shapes independently.

Discovery Students will continue their travels in North America when they head to Canada. Here they will learn about native Inuits, dog sledding, ice fishing, and Inukshuks.  Canada is full of land and water animals to study such as narwhals, moose, and the snowy owl.  Ice hockey and maple syrup are always a favorite to learn about and experience. 


This month we will learn about Native Americans, their habitats and the animals around them. We will construct small representations of the homes they lived in as well as their environment. We will also learn to write several Native American symbols and use them to tell stories.   We will conclude this unit with a fun Thanksgiving feast! In math, we will be comparing length, weight, capacity and numbers. Our knowledge of adjectives will grow this month, and we will take a deeper dive into the letters S, M, D, P and A. 

Music News

It's the time of year when we begin practice for our Holiday Programs. I will be introducing songs of the season in each class. We will not be gathering in groups as we have in years past.

We will be tapping our rhythm sticks to our special fall and holiday music.

Mr. Turkey and Land of the Silver Birch are favorites from years past. We will also bring back The Earth is Our Mother, one of our favorite September songs.


World Language News


The curriculum has changed for this month, as we won't be practicing Christmas songs in November.

We are learning about clothing. La Ropa - Some of the children are soooo good at rolling their "rrrrrrr"s!

We will also learn about the history of the Spanish dance Flamenco!

Señora Thompson


Bienvenue to the month of Novembre, a quiet month in France but a busy one in the USA.

Here are the fun things we are going to do this month in French.

2's and 3's

Continuing our colors and numbers. Talk about Autumn and Thanksgiving with Gustave and read a book.


Continuing our colors and numbers. Talk about Thanksgiving with Gustave.  Talk about the leaves (les feuilles) changing color.  Song: " Avec un Gros Nez" "With a Big Nose" (voc.: un chien, un chat, une vache et un cochon).


Continuing our colors and numbers. Talk about Autumn and Thanksgiving with Gustave.  Read the book "La Mouche - the Fly".  Song: " Avec un Gros Nez" "With a Big Nose" (voc.: un chien, un chat, une vache et un cochon)


Review our vocabulary on "le visage" "the face".  Je suis une fille/un garçon - I'm a girl/aboy.  Talk and learn about Thanksgiving.  Learn our Christmas song.

Thank you all!

October 2020



The O’Quinn School is a fun place to be during the month of October!

As the weather begins to cool, we will discover the amazing color transformation of the leaves. The Two’s will also explore pumpkins and how they grow.

October is fire safety month! We will put out pretend fires, learn what firemen do on the job, and stop, drop, and roll! 

We will end this exciting month with our Halloween Carnival during PE…don’t forget your costume! 


Outstanding October!

The fun continues in the threes as we welcome fall and hopefully the cooler weather. Our letters N, C and K lend themselves nicely to talk about nests, colts, corn and carrots as well as kites and pumpkins. The children will learn first hand what it’s like on a farm with our annual “O’Quinn farm day”. They will shear sheep, wash muddy pigs and vegetables, ride a horse, gather eggs from the hens, milk a cow, shuck corn, ride on a wagon hayride and go pumpkin picking in our patch! October is also Fire Prevention Month! We’ll spend time re-enacting stop drop and roll and listening to special stories.


During the Month of October, our 4-year old students will learn how to properly form and identify the sounds of the letters Hh, Tt, Ii, Uu, and Cc. Along with measuring and comparing pumpkins for our Halloween and Fall unit, we will also practice how to stop, drop and roll while learning Fire Safety practices.  You don't need to be afraid of a firefighter in their gear, it's just an outfit like the costumes we wear for Halloween!

We are unable to welcome Dads in our classrooms for the traditional Pumpkins with Pop event where the children carve a pumpkin at school with their Pop.  Instead, each child will have an opportunity to decorate a poster board pumpkin at home to display in our Pumpkin Patch at school.

The end of the month we will celebrate Halloween with special Spooky Themed Halloween games during P.E.  Each class will have the opportunity to share a special snack in their classroom with their school family.

Discovery students will travel to Mexico to explore the Mayan and Aztec cultures, Day of the Dead, Frida Kahlo, Mariachi music, Monarch butterfly migration, and so much more. We will end our unit with a fiesta to include traditional Mexican foods prepared by the children.



October is such an exciting month in Kindergarten! We will explore stars and focus our learning on specific constellations. Then we will learn all about bats and will conclude our unit with a bat cave day, where we get to dress in all dark “bat” colors and work with the lights off!

With Halloween at the end of this month we will work on some fun Halloween crafts and activities and we get to attend the Halloween carnival, dressed in our costumes.

We will continue to work our way through the alphabet, focusing on the formation and sounds of letters O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X. When we learn about the letter Q, we will all be invited to the wedding of Q and U. We will be getting these two letters hitched, forever, so they can make the /qu/ sound!

In math, we are starting a new unit about 2-D and 3-D shapes. 


World Language News


I have had soooo much fun getting to know and teaching the students over the last two months. It's amazing how focused they are, and how much they retain at this young age.

This month we will be learning about fruits and vegetables, and also animals in Spanish. They are using the sentence "Me gusta..." (I like...) to incorporate the topics. We are also covering grammatical rules associated with masculine and feminine words. Reading books and singing songs are also part of the curriculum this month and will be all year :)



As we are entering the month of October, I know that the children are all eager to talk about their costumes and all the fun things they will do to celebrate Halloween! So let's sing like a ghost or like the witch in French and have fun learning brand new French Halloween words.

Here is what each age group is going to have fun learning in French this month:


Review or colors, bleu, blanc, rouge, violet, orange; new: vert and jaune : Counting to 5 :  Halloween vocabulary: La citrouille, l'araignée, le fantôme


Colors: jaune, vert : Halloween vocabulary: le fantôme, la citrouille, la sorcière, l'araignée, le squelette, la chauve-souris, le pirate, le chat,  : Song: Vieille sorcière : Book: Halloween costumes


Colors: vert, : Halloween vocabulary: le fantôme, la citrouille, la sorcière, l'araignée, le squelette, la chauve-souris, le clown, le pirate, le chat, la cowgirl, le lapin, la princesse : Song: Vieille sorcière

Book: Go away big green monster


Review all our French colors including gold, "or" : Halloween vocabulary: le fantôme, la citrouille, la sorcière, l'araignée, le squelette, la chauve-souris, le vampire, le zombie, la momie, le chat : une citrouille amusante, heureuse,effrayante,qui fait peur, funny, happy, scary, spooky pumkin : Song: Vieille sorcière : Book: Go away big green monster










     We are thrilled to be able to open our doors for what is sure to be a fun-filled and educational summer program.  With carefully planned safety precautions in place, weekly themes exploding with summertime creativity, PE, Music, STEM programs and multiple supplements from which to choose, our little campers are certainly in for a treat! 


May 26th-29th – Let The Adventure Begin      Supplement – Power Play Sports


June 1st – 5thMini Masters                                Supplement – Tumble Time


June 8th-12th –   Mini Masters                              Supplement – Kids In The Kitchen


June 15th-19thFairy Tales                                  Supplement -   SEA Kids


June 22nd-June 26thFairy Tales                       Supplement – Kids In The Kitchen



June 29-July 2nd - Music Is All Around Us         Supplement – Karate


July 6th-10thMusic Is All Around Us                Supplement – Little Sprouts



July 13th-July 17thOcean Exploration             Supplement – Wee Little Arts


July 20th-24thOcean Exploration                     Supplement – Drama Rama


July 27th-31stSummer Safari                            Supplement – Once Upon A Musical


August 3rd-7thSummer Safari                          Supplement – Kids Dance Party

May 2020

Virtue Of The Month – Perseverance

I think I can!  I think I can!

It is certainly bittersweet to come to the end of the 2019-2020 school year with Distance Learning still in place.  Bitter because O’Quinn teachers and staff miss having the children here on campus.  The laughter, daily interactions, visible love of learning and obvious progress have been put on hold.  But also sweet because online learning has been embraced by teachers, parents, and children, resulting in the best possible substitute. Perseverance has served us all very well!

We are now looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year!  New families will be joining our program and so many returning families will once again grace our hallways. 

To all O’Quinn Families, stay well, stay safe, and thank you for all you have done to support our teachers’ Distance Learning Plan and your children’s love of education.

April 2020

Virtue Of The Month – Excellence

 Excellence is not perfection – it is your best effort!

 What a great opportunity we have during this challenging time to talk about this month’s virtue – Excellence!  The effort being put forth by our entire staff and O’Quinn families at home is Excellence at its best and our children are reaping the benefits! 

O’Quinn teachers have worked diligently to communicate with their classes using distance learning via:

·         Daily emails

·         Videos

·         Lesson plans – Monthly Units

·         Zoom

·         Special area lessons

·         Packets prepared for pick-up

·         Sign-Up Genius for face-to-face individual meetings

·         Photo sharing

The results have been very positive and as we continue to navigate our way through this very different educational experience, we are confident that our young students will continue to learn and grow. 

Yes, we miss being together. However, until the time when this is once again possible, we thank our teachers, students, and parents for a successful Distance Learning Plan. 

March 2020

Virtue - Patience

I will never leave you behind!


 What goes up? This month the twos look to the sky to explore the wind and all things that fly.  Birds, airplanes, kites, and balloons, let’s see how many bubbles we might pop too!  But wait, what’s going on down below?? There are cars, trains, and buses moving to and fro. Transportation is so much fun; hop on in and ride along.  All aboard for a busy, fun month!


We are blasting off in March and as Dr.Seuss says, “There’s no place like space!” The children will take flight as they learn about astronauts, the planets, our Earth our Moon and the Sun.  Each child will create a set of planets to take home and our dramatic play centers will be transformed into space stations. The excitement grows as we have our annual SPACE DAY with “astronaut like snacks”, glide through an outdoor space walk, visit a glow room, dodge asteroids, create space sensory bottles, make gravity art and practice space yoga. Whew!  Additionally, we will celebrate beloved author, Dr. Seuss, with a grade level read-a-thon.  Parents and children will be encouraged to read as many of his “Seusstastic” books as desired throughout the month.   Letters Z, W and  V will be with us in March as we Zoom to Venus and around the World!.


 Our 4K children will begin the month of March by also celebrating the works of Dr. Seuss – always a fun week!   Additionally throughout the month, there is a focus on learning to write last names and learn street names. The Grice Marine Lab from The College of Charleston is coming to O’Quinn with a touch tank.  We look so forward to this annual visit as it is a hands-on experience to supplement our unit on Marine Life.  Finally, the children are working hard to learn and perfect a special performance that will be put on in April just for Moms at The O’Quinn Mother’s Day Tea. 

Discovery students will explore the continent of Africa, learn about Ancient Egypt, Kente cloth from Kenya, go on an African Safari, and so much more!


All month long, there is a focus on the butterfly life cycle.  Children will receive their own caterpillar to observe and record information about during the transformation from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly.  Books and classroom observations steer the learning process which turns out to be as much fun as educational!   We will also become inventors in March.  Beginning with drawing an invention,then listing supplies needed, building and finally writing about the invention all enhance creativity and imaginations.  Math studies continue with learning about money by identifying coins, learning how much they are worth and “buying” items with coins. Finally, reading this month includes reading leveled books both in small groups and independently, reading poems and writing sentences.  Using words that begin with the letters J, F, E, Z, W and K as well as creating animal pages for our Alphabet Book round out this busy month of March!

February 2020

Virtue – Responsibility

You can always count on me!



Winter is here and the O’Quinn School twos will be learning all about bears and why they and other animals hibernate during this cold season. We will also celebrate love, have muffins with mom, and learn how to care for our teeth in honor of Dental Awareness Month. It’s a busy month in the two’s!


February is all about hearts! Special hearts for Valentine love and healthy hearts as we discover our Amazing Human Bodies.   Each child will make a life size version of their body, adding organs and bones throughout the month as they learn about each one. Dental Health Month is here!  You’ll be sure to hear about a puppet show and a dental presentation by one of our O’Quinn parents, teaching all about good dental care. February also hosts Grandparent's Day in the three's.  Grandparents and special friends will be on hand to share songs, crafts and goodies! Finally, our alphabet focus will include letters Q, U and J with unicorns, under the table painting, quilts, questions and jackets. 



 During the month of February, the O’Quinn School fours will continue exploring numerals, focusing on 16 – 18, as well as work to identify and properly write each of those numerals. We LOVE the month of February as we get a chance to share valentines with our friends. The children always enjoy sitting in a circle together and passing out cards they have signed with their own name!  As well as counting into the teens, our math skill concepts include copying and extending ABC patterns and drawing them independently.  Spending time with the children to make predictions while comparing and contrasting helps to expand vocabulary as well as offer a fun, creative activity. It’s sure to be an exciting February ending with celebration of our monthly virtue,Responsibility, at a school wide pep rally hosted by our three’s classes.


This month in Kindergarten, the focus is on rocks, presidents and money. We will learn about the layers of the Earth and the three different types of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. When learning about igneous rocks, why not make a volcano explode!  When learning about sedimentary rocks, why not enjoy edible conglomerate rocks!  We will also get to make a birthstone gemstone out of rock salt, which is a fun way to end the unit.  To begin our President Unit, Mt. Rushmore and the presidents sculpted will be discussed.  These same presidents are pictured on various monetary pieces which will lead right into our math unit on money. Additionally, we will begin to practice subtraction using pictures, cubes and 10 frame.  In reading, we will be working on reading leveled books both in small groups and independently. We will read poems and write sentences using words that begin with the letters B, C, R, U and G as well as create animal pages for our Alphabet Book. 


January 2020

Virtue - Cooperation

Everyone has helping hands – reach out and share them!


The twos will begin the New Year learning all about the season of winter. While reading “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats, we meet a boy named Peter. His outdoor winter adventures include making footprints in the snow, joining children in a snowball fight, and making snow angels. What will happen to the snowball he left in the pocket of his snowsuit? The children will enjoy exploring all the wonders of winter and also find out a bit about animals that hibernate during this time. January ends with a very special morning for Dad. We will share a little bit of our day, a little bit of art, and a big donut with our Dads!


It’s a winter WONDERland out there, and during January we will read Jan Brett’s wonderful winter collection of books: The Mitten, The Hat, Three Snow Bears and Snowy Nap. We’ll spend time discussing hibernation and animals who hibernate. What fun to put a classroom bear to sleep with the excitement of waking him in the spring!!  We will focus on the letters B, F and L during January and the number 6.


The fours will be celebrating 100 days of school this month.  We have been counting sets of 10 days and will have 10 sets of them later in the month. Children will play 100th Day games and count out their own 100 item Chex mix snack. In addition to our Winter Unit studies, our students will be writing and identifying numerals, their last names, and begin to recognize the words: this, a, is, I, & see. Discovery students are heading south to Antarctica to explore icebergs, penguins, animal blubber, and the scientists that study there during summer months.


This month, Kindergarten students are learning about Poetry and Pirates!  You will most likely hear poetry terms such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyme, rhythm and repetition. We will read, act out, illustrate and even write our own poems!  During our Pirate Unit, stories about South Carolina pirates, such as Blackbeard and Steed Bonnet will prevail.  Look for pirate flag creations and individual pirate names along with comparing amounts of treasure.  Finally, our unit will conclude with Talk Like a Pirate Day complete with spyglasses and parrots.  In math, the children will identify and write numbers 21-31, estimate, collect data to make bar graphs and pictographs, learn measurement terms and use measurement tools.  Writing sentences using words that begin with the letters I and L as well as creating animal pages for our Alphabet Book will round out this educational month!




December 2019

Virtue - Compassion

Your feelings matter because I care!


It’s “Laura Numeroff Month!”  We will read books by this beloved children’s author throughout the month of December, including “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” “If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” and “If You Give a Moose a Muffin.”  These books offer exposure to sequencing, cause and effect, cooking, and more! Our color of the month is red, and our shape is a star. While practicing the fun skills of scooping, pouring, and filling containers, the twos also get excited about the Holiday Season, collecting donations to give to the animals at Pet Helpers.  Tis the season for giving!                                                                                                                                                   


This month is all about the Spirit of Giving. Our fabulous teachers will use this time to talk about the joy of giving to others in need. Each classroom will be collecting items to help families at The Ronald McDonald House to help instill our virtue of the month, Compassion.  Our focus letters D, G and O will be fun as we create dotted dogs, make gingerbread cookies and houses and finally decorate ornaments.  This busy time of year continues as we rehearse for our Holiday Program. To close out our month, we’ll board The Polar Express, drink hot chocolate, and hope to find a Christmas bell! 


This month the fours will be reviewing numbers and letters they have learned since the start of the school year.  While working in Santa’s Workshop center, the children will be able to create cards, gifts, ornaments, and decorations for the holiday season. 

The celebration concludes by welcoming friends and family to our holiday performance.  The children have worked so hard to perfect their songs and are very excited to share them. 

Discovery students will travel to Europe making their first stop in Italy.  Here they will make pizza and take a ride on a gondola in Venice.  The remainder of December, Discovery students will explore holiday traditions from countries in Europe. 


Kindergarten students will study different Holiday Traditions Around the World. We will continue to work our way through the alphabet, taking a deeper look at the letters H, T, O and N. In math we will be identifying and writing teen numbers and focusing on addition, including vertical addition and addition using ten-frames. As the holidays approach, our festivities include our Holiday Program for family and friends, a visit to Sweetgrass Village to sing holiday songs, parties to make gingerbread houses and ornaments and a festive gift exchange.  Happy Holidays!

November 2019

Virtue – Respect 

When you speak, I will listen! 






The twos are getting down on the farm in November! We will have fun with all the barnyard animals, learn what it means to be a farmer, and find out about all the vegetables that can be harvested! We will also become familiar with the color brown and the triangle shape. 


 Throughout this month, children will learn about thankfulness and fill fall trees with thankful leaves. We have also been decorating the room in fall colors, making silly turkeys and learning seasonal songs to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our focus letters are H, M, and R as the children construct Pilgrim houses, make replicas of the Mayflower and practice raking leaves.  Exploring the early settlers and Native Americans includes how they worked together to begin a new life, and finally, our own Thanksgiving Feast will finish out this fun and educational month.


During the month of November, The O’Quinn School fours will be learning about Native American culture.  We will explore how natives hunted for food, the tools and weapons they used, the types of homes in which they lived, and how they migrated and traveled with the seasons.  The Charleston Museum will bring a portion of their Native American collection to share with our children.  This is always a favorite in-house field trip. 

Our focus of Thanksgiving will involve how we can be thankful for the games we like to play, the books we like to read, our favorite foods, and the people we love the most.  Each class will celebrate during a feast with their school family sharing our favorite Thanksgiving foods from home. 

The Virtue of Respect will be celebrated with an all school pep rally that the fours will be hosting this month.  During our pep rally, after reading the story “Do Unto Otters” by Laurie Keller, we will discuss how to be respectful by listening to grown ups, using kind words, helping hands, and thinking of our friends' feelings

This month, Kindergartners will explore the unit, Native Americans - Habitats and Animals.  This lesson will culminate with a 5K program in the gym where we'll wear costumes made at school, sing songs and participate in a Thanksgiving Feast.  Additionally, Porter-Gaud has invited this age group to attend their First Thanksgiving Play on November 21st - what fun to explore this time in our history!   We will continue to review letters and sounds, but take a deeper dive into letters S, M, D, P and A. In math, the focus is on addition, including vertical addition and addition using ten-frames.


October 2019

Virtue – Trustworthiness

Trusting someone is the finest compliment you can offer!


The O’Quinn School is a fun place to be during the month of October!  As the weather begins to cool, the twos will discover the amazing color transformation of the leaves while also exploring pumpkins and learning how they grow.   October is Fire Safety Awareness Month, so the local firemen plan to visit in their big red truck and teach about fire safety. Finally, this exciting month will come to an end with our Halloween Carnival…Boo!


The fun continues in the threes as we welcome Fall, hopefully some cool weather and our unit, “The Farm.”   The letters N, C, K, and E will be introduced as they all connect nicely to our hands-on learning with husking corn, painting with carrots, creating nests, counting eggs from the hen house and pumpkins galore. Farm life continues as we hold our annual Farm Day. The children will experience farm life first hand as they wash vegetables and muddy pigs, gather eggs, milk a cow, “ride a horse” and go pumpkin picking in our pumpkin patch.  The Halloween Carnival will be the culmination of all the fun October has to offer!


During the month of October, the 4K Program at O’Quinn will learn to properly form the letters I, U, C, O, and Q as well as the sounds each letter makes.  Along with Halloween and fall units of learning, the children will demonstrate their knowledge of AB patterns, sorting by color, and using buttons, fasteners, and zippers. 

October is a very special time of year at O’Quinn.  Our four-year-old children spend a special morning with their fathers carving pumpkins together and enjoying a light morning snack.  This is always a teacher favorite as many of our Dads get  into creating scary or fun designs.  Pumpkins with Pops is a fun way for our families to spend time together in a classroom setting.

We end the month with a party and Carnival put on by the Parents Guild.  Each year they work tirelessly to create a fun filled Carnival with games and prizes for the children to enjoy in their costumes!


5K children are ready to have a blast with their new unit, Constellations and Bats!  Exploring stars and constellations, learning bat facts and having fun with a Bat Cave Day are all on the agenda.  In addition, our students will continue to work their way through the alphabet, focusing on the formation and sounds of letters O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W and X.   Math study will include making patterns, using number lines to count backwards and counting using ordinal numbers.  Finally, the October Halloween Carnival is always a big hit with such creative costumes, games and prizes!  Happy Fall!




September. 2019

Virtue – Friendliness

A friend is someone who makes everything alright!


The Two’s Team is looking forward to a wonderful school year and welcoming our new friends to school. We will spend the month exploring our classroom and getting acquainted with our peers. We will also learn a bit about ourselves, about how our body moves with play and about our feelings. Our shape of the month is the circle and our featured color is yellow!  We are off to a busy start!


 Welcome to Preschool!   Our teachers are looking forward to a great school year filled with adventure, introducing the children to a world of discovery and exploration. During August and September, the children will focus on letters  A, T, I  and P,  as well as  numerals 1 and 2. We will  “kick off” our year with  All About Me  and Welcome to School themes, followed by classic Nursery Rhymes.  0ur young learners will  practice recognizing the letters in their names using a  fun  gross motor letter “hop-scotch” jumping game  as well as crayon  resist watercolors. In September, they will put Humpty Dumpty back  together, look for Little Boy Blue,  jump over candlesticks and help  "three kittens find their mittens” just to name a few.  Our team is thrilled to be teaching your little ones this year, buckle up….it’s sure to be an adventure!    Welcome to the “Terrific Threes!”


August and September are not only “All About Me”, but also a time to welcome both old and new friends to our program.  While learning about each other, our new classroom environment and routines, the children will explore the letters L, F, E, H, and T.  We will count the numerals 0 through 5 and start learning how to write our names with proper letter formation using our Handwriting Without Tears Program.  The fours are ready for engaging learning experiences and we can’t wait to get started!



We are so excited for the start of a new school year!  This month we will be getting to know each other with our unit, All About Me. We will be learning about our city, Charleston, and our state, South Carolina.  We will work on the formation of letters A, B, C, D, E and F as well as the numerals 0, 1 and 2. In math, we will be classifying by different attributes and learning positional words.  Kindergarten is a year filled with learning and fun experiences – we’re so glad your children are here!