Mount Pleasant News



November 2019

Virtue – Respect 

When you speak, I will listen! 






The twos are getting down on the farm in November! We will have fun with all the barnyard animals, learn what it means to be a farmer, and find out about all the vegetables that can be harvested! We will also become familiar with the color brown and the triangle shape. 


 Throughout this month, children will learn about thankfulness and fill fall trees with thankful leaves. We have also been decorating the room in fall colors, making silly turkeys and learning seasonal songs to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our focus letters are H, M, and R as the children construct Pilgrim houses, make replicas of the Mayflower and practice raking leaves.  Exploring the early settlers and Native Americans includes how they worked together to begin a new life, and finally, our own Thanksgiving Feast will finish out this fun and educational month.


During the month of November, The O’Quinn School fours will be learning about Native American culture.  We will explore how natives hunted for food, the tools and weapons they used, the types of homes in which they lived, and how they migrated and traveled with the seasons.  The Charleston Museum will bring a portion of their Native American collection to share with our children.  This is always a favorite in-house field trip. 

Our focus of Thanksgiving will involve how we can be thankful for the games we like to play, the books we like to read, our favorite foods, and the people we love the most.  Each class will celebrate during a feast with their school family sharing our favorite Thanksgiving foods from home. 

The Virtue of Respect will be celebrated with an all school pep rally that the fours will be hosting this month.  During our pep rally, after reading the story “Do Unto Otters” by Laurie Keller, we will discuss how to be respectful by listening to grown ups, using kind words, helping hands, and thinking of our friends' feelings

This month, Kindergartners will explore the unit, Native Americans - Habitats and Animals.  This lesson will culminate with a 5K program in the gym where we'll wear costumes made at school, sing songs and participate in a Thanksgiving Feast.  Additionally, Porter-Gaud has invited this age group to attend their First Thanksgiving Play on November 21st - what fun to explore this time in our history!   We will continue to review letters and sounds, but take a deeper dive into letters S, M, D, P and A. In math, the focus is on addition, including vertical addition and addition using ten-frames.


October 2019

Virtue – Trustworthiness

Trusting someone is the finest compliment you can offer!


The O’Quinn School is a fun place to be during the month of October!  As the weather begins to cool, the twos will discover the amazing color transformation of the leaves while also exploring pumpkins and learning how they grow.   October is Fire Safety Awareness Month, so the local firemen plan to visit in their big red truck and teach about fire safety. Finally, this exciting month will come to an end with our Halloween Carnival…Boo!


The fun continues in the threes as we welcome Fall, hopefully some cool weather and our unit, “The Farm.”   The letters N, C, K, and E will be introduced as they all connect nicely to our hands-on learning with husking corn, painting with carrots, creating nests, counting eggs from the hen house and pumpkins galore. Farm life continues as we hold our annual Farm Day. The children will experience farm life first hand as they wash vegetables and muddy pigs, gather eggs, milk a cow, “ride a horse” and go pumpkin picking in our pumpkin patch.  The Halloween Carnival will be the culmination of all the fun October has to offer!


During the month of October, the 4K Program at O’Quinn will learn to properly form the letters I, U, C, O, and Q as well as the sounds each letter makes.  Along with Halloween and fall units of learning, the children will demonstrate their knowledge of AB patterns, sorting by color, and using buttons, fasteners, and zippers. 

October is a very special time of year at O’Quinn.  Our four-year-old children spend a special morning with their fathers carving pumpkins together and enjoying a light morning snack.  This is always a teacher favorite as many of our Dads get  into creating scary or fun designs.  Pumpkins with Pops is a fun way for our families to spend time together in a classroom setting.

We end the month with a party and Carnival put on by the Parents Guild.  Each year they work tirelessly to create a fun filled Carnival with games and prizes for the children to enjoy in their costumes!


5K children are ready to have a blast with their new unit, Constellations and Bats!  Exploring stars and constellations, learning bat facts and having fun with a Bat Cave Day are all on the agenda.  In addition, our students will continue to work their way through the alphabet, focusing on the formation and sounds of letters O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W and X.   Math study will include making patterns, using number lines to count backwards and counting using ordinal numbers.  Finally, the October Halloween Carnival is always a big hit with such creative costumes, games and prizes!  Happy Fall!




September. 2019

Virtue – Friendliness

A friend is someone who makes everything alright!




The Two’s Team is looking forward to a wonderful school year and welcoming our new friends to school. We will spend the month exploring our classroom and getting acquainted with our peers. We will also learn a bit about ourselves, about how our body moves with play and about our feelings. Our shape of the month is the circle and our featured color is yellow!  We are off to a busy start!


 Welcome to Preschool!   Our teachers are looking forward to a great school year filled with adventure, introducing the children to a world of discovery and exploration. During August and September, the children will focus on letters  A, T, I  and P,  as well as  numerals 1 and 2. We will  “kick off” our year with  All About Me  and Welcome to School themes, followed by classic Nursery Rhymes.  0ur young learners will  practice recognizing the letters in their names using a  fun  gross motor letter “hop-scotch” jumping game  as well as crayon  resist watercolors. In September, they will put Humpty Dumpty back  together, look for Little Boy Blue,  jump over candlesticks and help  "three kittens find their mittens” just to name a few.  Our team is thrilled to be teaching your little ones this year, buckle up….it’s sure to be an adventure!    Welcome to the “Terrific Threes!”


August and September are not only “All About Me”, but also a time to welcome both old and new friends to our program.  While learning about each other, our new classroom environment and routines, the children will explore the letters L, F, E, H, and T.  We will count the numerals 0 through 5 and start learning how to write our names with proper letter formation using our Handwriting Without Tears Program.  The 4’s are ready for engaging learning experiences and we can’t wait to get started!



We are so excited for the start of a new school year!  This month we will be getting to know each other with our unit, All About Me. We will be learning about our city, Charleston, and our state, South Carolina.  We will work on the formation of letters A, B, C, D, E and F as well as the numerals 0, 1 and 2. In math, we will be classifying by different attributes and learning positional words.  Kindergarten is a year filled with learning and fun experiences – we’re so glad your children are here!