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Virtue of the Month



ICE ICE, BABY! Your two’s crew will kick off 2023 by walking in a winter wonderland (even in Lowcountry weather!) January will be bursting with wintery books, such as “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats, and “Snow on Snow on Snow” by Cheryl Chapman. Think snowball fights, winter clothing (Ralphie in his snowsuit) building all types of snowmen, and more!

Other themes include day and night, and hibernation. We will explore what our world looks like at both day and night, and how they are different. Think moon, stars, sun, and flashlight fun! The children will also learn about what it means to hibernate, exploring animals who take a long winter nap, with a spotlight on bears. Think bear caves, bear hunt, bear books and wearing PJ’s….imaginary play at its finest!

We will round out January with “Donuts With Dads”, a two-year-old class tradition! Dads will surely delight in this donut date with their child, snacking in the classroom together, as well as making a memorable craft to remember forever!

The children will be immersed in crafts, songs, and experiments that reflect our January curriculum. These include: white (color), rectangle (shape), “Hey Diddle Diddle” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (nursery rhymes), and empathy (monthly virtue). Each classroom will incorporate gross and fine motor skill practices into daily activities; the building blocks to body and muscle development, while strengthening their hands to prepare them for writing.

Lastly, their focused skill will be working on how to put on and take off their jackets (all by themselves).

Our Two’s Crew is beyond thankful  to make many memories with your children everyday! We wish you and your families much happiness in 2023!


It’s a winter wonderland out there, so we will be bundled up inside talking about the winter animals who migrate and hibernate. The children will get to experience the act of hibernating while putting our classroom bears to sleep, creating dens around the room, and discovering how different animals prepare for the winter. 

Our letters for the month are O and L and our number is 6.

We will also kick off our unique "Child of the Week", where a student is chosen to have a week all about celebrating them and their favorite things. This will continue through the month of May.


In January our 4-year-olds will be celebrating 100 days of school. We have been counting days in sets of 10 until we reach 100 later in the month. The children will play 100th Day games and count out their own 100 item trail mix snack. 

In addition to our Winter Unit studies, students will be writing and identifying numerals up to 15, begin spelling and writing their last names, and begin to recognize the words: A, is, I, & see.  We will learn to properly form and identify the sounds of the letters J, D, P and B.

Discovery students are heading south to Antarctica to explore icebergs, penguins, animal blubber, and the scientists that study there during summer months.


This month we will be learning about poetry, penguins and pirates! We will learn poetry terms such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyme, rhythm and repetition. We will read poems, act out poems, illustrate poems and recite poems at our Poetry Café.

During our pirate unit, we will hear stories about South Carolina pirates, such as Blackbeard and Steed Bonnet. We will also create our own pirate flag, get pirate names, compare amounts of treasure and conclude our unit with Dress Like a Pirate day complete with spy glasses and parrots.

In math we will be comparing numbers using the words more than, less than or equal to. We will also be researching penguins, using books, videos and PebbleGo.

Our focus books are The Way Home for WolfA Loud Winter’s NapThe Rabbit Listened and A Stone Sat Still. While reading these books we will identify and discuss story elements and use dialogue to describe characters. 


Virtue of the Month



Mistletoes + Rudolph’s nose!

The most wonderful time of the year is here! Your two’s crew will kick it off as the stars of our “Patience is a Virtue” parade!!  December will be bursting with themes from Laura Numeroff’s classic book series, such as “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and more. The children will explore the laws of cause and effect through baking, tasting, and imaginary play, while gaining knowledge and confidence in the kitchen!

Each classroom incorporates gross and fine motor skill practice into daily activities; the building blocks to body and muscle development, while strengthening their hands to prepare them for writing!

The children will be immersed in crafts, songs, and experiments that reflect our December curriculum. These include: green (color), star (shape), “Pat A Cake” (nursery rhyme), and patience (virtue).

Lastly, their focused skill will be working on how to put on their socks and shoes.

Our Two’s crew is beyond thankful to make many memories with your children everyday! We wish you the happiest of holidays and may your spirit be as bright as your little ones!


As we welcome December, we begin a new unit of The Spirit of Giving. As we teach our students about giving, and in conjunction with our unit, each classroom in the three’s will be collecting items to give to the Ronald MCDonald House. 

Our letters for the month are M, D and G with mistletoe, mice, decorating donuts and diamonds, gingerbread people, The Grinch and gumdrops. Our classrooms will be filled with 'Tis the Season of wrapping gifts, decking the halls, jingling bells, and “lighting” candles.

As we conclude our month of learning, the children will climb aboard The Polar Express for hot chocolate and a ride to the North Pole. 


During the month of December, our 4K students will be learning to properly form the letters G and S, as well as identifying the sounds each makes. Be on the lookout for a Green Grinch for the letter G!  We will also be studying Holiday Traditions and Celebrations with craft making and class parties.

We have been preparing for the return of our holiday programs. The children are excited to show their parents all of their hard work.

Our Discovery Students are traveling to Europe. Their first stop is in Italy to make pizza and ride on a gondola. They will also visit SinterKlaas in Holland, the Louvre in Paris to see works from Monat, gingerbread houses in Germany, and more as we Discover Holiday Traditions throughout Europe!


In December we get to travel all around the world to learn about different holiday traditions. We will learn about Diwali in India, La Befana in Italy, Los Pasados in Mexico, Hanukkah and Christmas.

We will have a visitor from Porter-Gaud coming in for a fun reading of the Grinch. That day we will all wear green, eat a Grinchy snack and participate in Grinch related activities! We will also spend one morning visiting each Kindergarten class to make an ornament along with enjoying a special holiday snack! 

Our focus books this month are Little Red RuthieThe Wish Tree and Santa Bruce. While reading we identify characteristics of fairy tales, sequence events in a story and describe characters. In math we will be comparing numbers using the words more than, less than or equal to. 


Virtue of the Month



Bring on Turkey time! November will be filled with learning about farm life, growing foods, and Thanksgiving. Our little turkeys will explore the wonders of harvest, including growing vegetables, making soup, vegetable painting, and more!

Each classroom will incorporate gross and fine motor skill practice into daily activities - the building blocks to body and muscle development - while strengthening their hands to prepare them for writing!

Our November themes will be filled with crafts, songs, books, experiments, and a festive Thanksgiving performance on stage for their school friends!
“Ba Ba Black Sheep” and “Little Bo Peep” will also be woven into the fun.

Lastly, their focused skill will be “using eating utensils” and learning about the virtue of “gratitude.”

Our Two’s crew is beyond thankful to make many memories with your children everyday!


We are ThankFALL this month! The children have been decorating the room in fall colors and decorations. We’ll add “Tom Turkey” in too!

Our focus letters for the month are E, H and R and our number focus will be the number 4. We will learn about helping hands, heartfelt turkeys, thankful trees, raking leaves, and 4 feathers.

We will introduce the children to what it means to be thankful and how to show gratitude. The children will help prepare a special Thanksgiving feast to share with their class!


During the month of November, 4K students will practice gratitude and thankfulness with our school families. The school will join in the gym for a school wide sing-a-long. Each class will share a Thanksgiving themed feast before we vacation with family and friends at the end of the month.

Our curriculum for this month includes reviewing the past curriculum we have already learned while focusing on all we have to be thankful for. We will explore the fall harvest foods we eat and the family we cherish time with. The children will be growing some of their own vegetables from seeds as well as regrowth from the actual vegetables themself. 

Children will learn how to properly form, identify, and provide a sound for the letters O, Q, G, and S. They will identify and count the numbers 9-11, continue to copy and extend patterns, demonstrate positional words, and draw shapes independently.

Discovery Students will continue their travels through North America as they head to Canada. Here they will learn about native Inuits, dog sledding, ice fishing, and Inukshuks. Canada is full of land and water animals to study such as narwhals, moose, and the snowy owl. Ice hockey and maple syrup are always a favorite to learn about and experience.  


This month we will learn about different habitats around our country. We will discuss the basic needs in each of these habitats such as food, clothing and housing. We will construct small representations of the different homes as well as the surrounding areas.

In math, we will be comparing length, weight, capacity and numbers. 

Our focus books this month are The Cool BeansFry BreadThank You, Omu and A Turkey for Thanksgiving. While reading we will identify problems and solutions, discuss beginning, middle and end of a story and retelling with main events. Our knowledge of adjectives will also grow this month. 

After studying the book Thank You, Omu we will work collaboratively to make a friendship stew that we will enjoy as part of our class Thanksgiving feast! 

Virtue of the Month



Hello October, we are so excited you are here! These little pumpkins will be Fall-ing into BOO. We will begin learning all about the wonders of Fall, including leaves, trees, and animals…What a breath of fresh air!

October is also Fire Safety month, and will include a visit from our local department, fire engine included!

Our Halloween theme will be filled with crafts, songs, books, experiments, and a festive carnival for children and their parents to enjoy! The “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Little Miss Muffet” will also be woven into the fun.

Lastly, their focused skill will be “washing hands” and learning about “perseverance” (we think they can, we think they can). Our Two’s crew is eager to make many memories with your children through endless crafts and sensory activities!


The fun continues in the Three's as we welcome Fall and hopefully cooler weather. Our letters N, C and K lend themselves nicely to talk about nests, colts, corn and carrots, as well as kites and pumpkins.

The children will learn first hand what it's like on a farm with our annual "O'Quinn Farm Day". They will shear sheep, wash muddy pigs and vegetables, ride a horse, gather eggs from hens, milk a cow, shuck corn, hayride on a wagon, and go pumpkin picking in our patch!

October is also Fire Prevention Month! We'll spend time re-enacting "stop, drop and roll" and listening to special stories. 


During the Month of October, our 4-year-old students will learn how to properly form and identify the sounds of the letters Hh, Tt, Ii, Uu, and Cc. Along with measuring and comparing pumpkins for our Halloween and Fall unit, we will also practice how to stop, drop and roll while learning Fire Safety practices. You don't need to be a firefighter in their gear, it's just an outfit like the costumes we wear for Halloween!

We are also excited to welcome back the Dads to our classrooms for our traditional Pumpkins with Pop event. The children will enjoy a morning of pumpkin carving and a light snack at school with their Pops!

The end of the month we will celebrate Halloween with a special Spooky Themed Carnival. Each Class will have the opportunity to share a special snack in their classroom with their school family.

Discovery Students will travel to Mexico to explore the Mayan and Aztec cultures, Day of the Dead, Frida Kahlo, Mariachi music, Monarch Butterfly Migration, and so much more. We will end our unit with a fiesta to include traditional Mexican foods prepared by the children.


October is such an exciting month in Kindergarten! We will explore stars and focus our learning on specific constellations. Then we will learn all about bats and will conclude our unit with a bat cave day, where we get to dress in all dark “bat” colors and work with the lights off!

With Halloween at the end of this month we will work on some fun Halloween crafts and activities and we get to attend the Halloween carnival, dressed in our costumes.

In math, we are starting a new unit about 2-D and 3-D shapes.

Our focus books for the month are The Circus ShipHippos are HugeQuit Calling Me a Monster and Pick a Pumpkin. We will work on making predictions, creating mental images and we will discuss the author's purpose in nonfiction books. We will also discuss what is needed to make a sentence and create our own sentences.

For ELA we will continue to focus on different letters by reading books, singing songs and learning to correctly form them in our writing journals.


August & September
Virtue of the Month



We are all so excited about our new Two’s Crew!

August and September are all about LOVING their new O’Quinn home. We will read many stories about school, learn to navigate the classroom, and begin building the most special friendships!

The children will develop a sense of their body and its parts, while exploring their 5 senses. Our “All About Me” theme will expand their thoughts on themselves and each other.

Our main focus is to ensure that each child feels loved, has fun, and enjoys their new classroom family, one day at a time
Parents, thank you for entrusting us in their journey. We look forward to a fantastic year!


Welcome to a new school year! We are so excited to get started! Our teachers are eager to meet their new students and begin guiding them through a world of discovery and exploration. The children will start their alphabet journey with letters S, A, T, I and P, and our number focus will be on numerals 1 and 2.

For August, our units are "Welcome to School" and "I Can...", as the children start acclimating to their new classrooms and learning about things they can do, such as painting, coloring, cutting, gluing and drawing portraits of themselves.

In September, we will be busy learning all about our "Community" and its many "Community Helpers".

Our friends will also be attending PE, Music and French weekly! Welcome to the Terrific Threes!


Welcome to School! The Mt. Pleasant O'Quinn 4K Team is eager to welcome friends back to our campus this month. We will begin our first few weeks of school getting to know one another and learning our classroom routines. The children will be introduced to Mat Man from our Handwriting Without Tears program and review 4K readiness skills.

Later in the month and into September, we will begin our study of the alphabet learning to properly form the letters L, F, E and H, as well as the sounds these letters make. Our math concepts will include the numerals 0-4, counting, and 1:1 correspondence. In addition to our shape review, the children will be playing the game "Left, Right, Center" as a fun way to introduce the positional words left and right.

Discovery classes will learn the 7 major continents and 5 major oceans on our planet as well as introducing map reading skills and directional words. Each class will map their own classroom and learn a song about the 7 continents. Exploring different types of ecosystems and major land formations will prepare students for our upcoming travels around the world.


Welcome Back! We are so excited to get our Kindergarten year started! We will be learning all about each other, including where we live with our Me on the Map Unit. We will begin by talking about our world, to the USA, to South Carolina, to Charleston, to Mt. Pleasant and finally our street and house. We will also make an All About Me book and poster, along with drawing self-portraits. 

In math, we will be discussing attributes of two objects, working with different configurations of numbers to 5 and classifying objects to make categories and counting those objects. 

For ELA we will focus on different letters by reading books, singing songs, using sensory activities and learning to correctly form them in our writing journals. We will begin each morning with an interactive read aloud and our first set of books will be exploring wordless books. We can’t wait to jump into this school year and get to know our students!