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MAY flowers + superpowers! Your twos crew in the home stretch ... and May is the time for a thorough review of the basic. Think motor skills, shapes, 123's and "may I please?" The children will be immersed in activities, crafts, books, songs, and more. This is a magical time to revisit class favorites, and intertwine the building blocks we have been working on all year. 

The last week of May is filled with "fun day" themes! Stay tuned as your child's teacher will guide the way to "hooray!" Your children have grown so much in just 9 months! They have developed numerous skills that lay the foundation of a lifetime. 

As teachers, we are so proud for them and all they have accomplished! There is nothing like witnessing the wonder in their eyes and joy on their faces each and every day. We are honored to be part of their very first classroom experience! 

Happy Summer to ALL! 


The Three's will wrap up the school year with a month of FUN! Our unit, MAY We All Have Fun will invite children to explore dinosaurs, use our imaginations, explore science experiments, and more! Each class has celebration days planned as we close our year together. Watch for dance parties, dress-up days, ice cream parties, and many other special days. 

Each class has planned a fun day to spend together celebrating our year-long goals and achievements. Please plan to attend your class' end of the year celebration. Teachers will be providing these details to parents in the next coming days. 

On behalf of the Three's Team, thank you for an amazing year! We are honored to have loved and taught each child that has been in our care since August. We know each of you will do amazing things. 


May is always a bittersweet month in preschool. While it is exciting to have watched so many children grow this past year physically and intellectually, it is always sad to say goodbye. Our 4year-old children will spend the month of May working to refine their 4K skills and begin 5K readiness skills to include pre-reading and extended math concepts. This month will end with various festivities to include summer birthday celebrations, game day, dress-up day, movie day, class parties, water day, and more! 

Discovery Students will be wrapping up their study of Australia's Great Barrier Reef and Land Animal Study. To celebrate our year of learning together, students will create a Hawaiian Luau complete with mango salsa, Spam, and pineapple. 



We look forward to our extra special Graduation performance on May 29th! All children have individual parts and dances to perform for our parents! We will be practicing all month to make this a wonderful event. We will also be learning all about South Carolina lighthouses. We will continue our leveled reading books and finish our math study using shapes to create new designs. We will also be organizing and completing our end of year binder, and our artist portfolio study for the year. We have loved our time together this year. We are sad for it to come to an end, but we look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things this group of students will achieve. 



Virtue of the Month



Cloudy with a chance of ribbit  🐸 

April, here we come! Your two's crew will be puddle deep in learning about clouds and singing in the rain. Think raindrops, rainbows, umbrellas, and more! The two's tradition continues as we will round out the month with "puddle day." We also celebrate Earth Day and all of its treasures. Your little wonders will learn about recycling and how it keeps America lookin' good. Our gross and fine motor practice will be out of this world! 


Wake-up pond! As the Earth fills with new life and animals crawl out of dens of hibernation, the Three's will start the month with a Teddy Bear Parade celebrating Spring. As we explore new life around pond, children will learn about metamorphosis through the life cycles of frogs and butterflies. Watch as classrooms brighten with blooms and color. 


Our four-year-old children will be in full bloom during the month of April. We will begin to sprout plants from seeds in our classrooms. It is our hope that April will bring warm days and we can begin to transplant out baby plants to our playground gardens. Students will also be learning about insects throughout April. They will have the opportunity to observe both ladybugs and butterflies grow from larvae to their adult forms in the classroom. We will also be working to create a book about insects inspired by the works on Eric Carle. 

We will continue to recognize sight words adding here, big, small, and have to our list. The children are working to identify and write our diagonal letters at the end of the alphabet. Learning our addresses, writing our last names, and measuring in units will further prepare our four-year-old children for their big move to Kindergarten. 

Our students will also be working hard to prepare for our Mother's Day Teas in May by crafting, hand-writing letters, and remembering dance steps and songs. 

Discovery Students will be exploring the continent of South America from the Rainforest to the Easter Islands. 


During the month of April, we will dive into the ocean! We will be studying all about the sea and doing lots of research on the creatures that live there. We will begin learning about invertebrates, including echinoderms, mollusks, and crustaceans. We will then explore vertebrates with bony fishes, seahorses, sharks, and ending with mammals; whales, otters, and manatees. During our research our students will create crafts, label animal parts, and write creatively. We will celebrate the end of this unit with a surf seining field trip on Sullivan's Island! In Math, we are working on representing numbers 10-20 through various mediums and counting to 100. In reading, we are continuing to use our small group time to focus on comprehension with reading and phonics skills. Our focus books this month are Dandy, My Cold Plum Pie Bluesy Mood and The Boy Who Grew a Forest. Vocabulary words and grammar are presented with each book. It is an exciting month of exploration! 


Virtue of the Month



Cars, Clovers, and Bunnies, OH MY. 

Your two's crew is "egg-static" about a new month! We will begin March by revving up our engines, and exploring the many forms of transportation. Think traffic lights, flashing lights, and safety first (who remembers the "stop, look, and listen" before you cross the street? 

Our halls will be blowing up with colorful artwork as we learn about things that fly, and how the wind affects the world around us ... windy experiments and sensory fun for days. St. Patrick's Day is sure to be a crowd please as your little leprechauns will make memories of shenanigans and rainbows, and even a possible visit from the green guy, if they're lucky! 

The children will blossom into all things spring: birds, seed planting, and more! Finally, we will hop into Easter, and our much anticipated egg hunt! Who doesn't love fluffy bunnies, chicks, and eggs filled with goodies? 

Each classroom incorporates gross and fine motor skill practice into daily activities; the building blocks to body and muscle development, while strengthening their hands to prepare them for writing. The children will be immersed in books, crafts, songs, and experiments that reflect our March curriculum. These include: blue (color), diamond *shape), "Humpty Dumpty" (nursery rhyme), and "Honesty" (virtue). 

Lastly, their focused skill is "hopping on 1+2 feet." Endless fun for a tireless two year old. Our Two's Crew is beyond thankful to make many memories with your children everyday! 


The Three's are counting down for lift-off! Space is the place this month. We will explore our solar system, the Space Station, and have a Space Day as the children go through astronaut training. Also this month, each class will have an egg hunt and class activity. Please check with your class for dates and times. As always, parents are invited to join us for a celebration of Spring and Easter joy. 



We begin this month with an exciting Gem Mining experience by Diamond Dell to culminate our study of rocks. This is an in house field trip with each child having their very own sifter containing rocks and gems. The children will sift, sort, and identify their gems. The best part is they get to bring all their gems home! 

We then begin our new unit of study, insects. We will particularly focus on the butterfly life cycle. Each child will get their own caterpillar to observe and record about during the transformation from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly. We will read books and use our own observations to steer our learning. We will write and illustrate our observations all month long. The class will also write letters and paint each stage of development. 

We will also become inventors this month. We will plan out an invention with a drawing, list supplies, build our invention, and then write all about it. We will have such fun showcasing our invention to the class with the name and purpose of the invention!

Math will continue using number bonds with addition and subtraction. We will also begin to learn about composition and decomposition of teen numbers. This is related to establishing a firm knowledge of place value in a number sense. 

In reading, we are working in small reading groups on specific skills and leveled books. Our focus books this. month are I Am A Cat, One Tiny Turtle, Sumo Joe, and The Very Impatient Caterpillar. Vocabulary words are presented each week with these books. The children write and illustrate their meaning in journals. Grammar focus is on asking sentences that use question words: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Additional grammar focuses on common and proper nouns and pronouns he, she, and they. Consonant blends and digraphs are also introduced this month.. Homework folders continue to be sent home on Monday and are completed by Thursday. This is reading a leveled book, writing a sentence about the book and illustrating a picture. 




Virtue of the Month




Your two's crew will kick off February with an Arctic animal grand finale. Scenes from "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "Going on a Bear Hunt" will fill the two's halls with handcrafted art, including an actual bear hunt. Think grass, mud, rivers, snowstorms, forests, and caves ... imaginary play with this lineup is a two-year-old's dream!

February is also Dental Health Month. We are so excited to have O'Quinn mom, Dr. Laura Shapiro come visit with us and talk about brushing those pearly whites. They will be cleaning, flossing, and polishing teeth, complete with songs and books galore. 

Love is always in the air here, and Valentine's Day is a seamless theme. The children will be immersed in creating and mailing love letters, complete with songs, books, and more. Who wouldn't LOVE that?

We will round out the month with Muffins with Mom, a treasured tradition in the two's. Donuts with Dads was a huge success and the mommy's will be certainly be in the spotlight this month! After all, we would be muffin without mom!  

Each classroom incorporates gross and fine motor skill practice into daily activities; the building blocks to body and muscle development, while strengthening their hands to prepare them for writing. The children will be immersed in crafts, songs, and experiments that reflect our February curriculum. These include: pink + purple (color), heart (shape), "Hey Diddle Diddle" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (nursery rhymes), and "Responsibility" (virtue). 

Lastly, their focused skill is "scoop, pour, and fill." Endless opportunities to practice a fun, lifelong skill. Your little chef will be ready to help in the kitchen!  




We LOVE the month of February as we get a chance to share Valentine's with our friends. The children always enjoy sitting in a circle together and passing out cards they have signed with their own name! 

Our math skill concepts will include expanding on copying and extending ABC patterns to drawing them independently. Spending time with the children while they make predictions and compare and contrast helps to expand vocabulary, as well as offering a fun creative activity. 

Is it sure to be a fun filled February including celebrating our virtue of Responsibility. The children will focus on being responsible for themselves, which is an important skill for our soon to be rising Kindergarten students. 

Discovery Students will be celebrating Chinese New Year while exploring China. From there they will head to India to discover Diwali and taste some traditional foods surrounding this celebration. 


We begin the month of February celebrating our 100 day of school! We will have a t-shirt fashion show and enjoy many activities centered around the number 100. 

This month we will be learning about rocks, presidents, and letter writing for Valentine's Day. We will learn about the layers of the Earth and the three different types of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. We will watch volcanoes explode and eat conglomerate rocks! We culminate the unit with making their birthstone gemstone with rock salt. 

Our president unit focuses on the presidents of Mt. Rushmore. We will recognize the type of rock, their contributions to our country, and their face on our money. 

For Valentine's Day, we include learning about letter writing and addressing an envelope. Each student will get to write and send a Valentine's Day Card in mail to a special family member or friend. 

We will also include dental health this month with an in house visit from a local dental office! We will learn about practicing good dental hygiene. 

In math, we are learning addition and subtraction using number bonds and number sentences with the aid of manipulatives. Each lesson begins with the use of the unifix cubes, or alternate manipulatives, and dry erase boards to draw the number bonds and number sentences while verbally stating the equation. We focus on continuing to apply these strategies with increasing numbers. 

Our focus books this month are You Will Be My Friend, Plenty of Love to Go Around, Mae Among the Stars, and President Taft Got Stuck in the Bath. Grammar focus is on singular and plural nouns this month. Vocabulary words are presented each week with these books. The children will write and illustrate their meaning in journals. Reading will continue with leveled books in small reading groups. We will also begin sending homework folders home on Monday to be completed by Thursday. This is reading a leveled book, writing a sentence about the book, and illustrating a picture. 



Virtue of the Month




ICE ICE, BABY! Your two's crew will kick off 2024 by walking in a winter wonderland (even in Lowcountry weather!) January will be bursting with wintery books, such as "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats, and "Snow on Snow on Snow" by Cheryl Chapman. Think snowball fights, winter clothing (Ralphie in his snowsuit) building all types of snowmen, and more! 

Other themes include day and night, and hibernation. We will explore what our world looks like at both day and night, and how they are different. Think moon, stars, sun, and flashlight fun. The children will also learn about what it means to hibernate, exploring animals who take a long winter nap, with a spotlight on bears. Think bear caves, bear hunt, bear books, and wearing PJ's ... imaginary play at its finest! 

We will round out January with "Donuts With Dads" a two year old class tradition! Dads will surely delight in this donut date with their child, snacking in the classroom together, as well as making a memorable craft to remember forever! 

The children will be immersed in crafts, songs, and experiments that reflect our January curriculum. These include:  white (color), rectangle (shape), "Hey Diddle Diddle" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Start" (nursery rhymes), and empathy (monthly virtue). Each classroom will incorporate gross and fine motor skill practices into daily activities; the building blocks to body and muscle development, while strengthening their hands to prepare them for writing. Lastly, their focused skills will be working on how to put on and take off their jackets (all by themselves). 

Our Two's Crew is beyond thankful to make memories with your children everyday! We wish you and your families much happiness in 2024! 


It may not snow in Charleston, but the three's are learning about wintery days. We will read some classic favorites as we explore our unit, Bear Snores On. We will continue to practice learning letters in our name, create a snowy science project, and hibernate some bears. Watch for the happenings in your child's class. The teachers look forward to sharing your child's accomplishments with you during conferences. Happy New Year from the Three's Team. 


In January, our 4 year olds will be celebrating 100 days of school. We have been counting sets of 10 days and will have 10 of them later in the month. The children will play 100th day games and count their own 100 item trail mix snack. 

In addition to our Winter Unit studies, students will be writing and identifying numerals up to 10, begin spelling and writing their last names, and begin to recognize the words: a, is, I, & see. We will learn to properly form and identify the sounds of letters J, D, P, and B. 

Discovery students are heading south to Antartica to explore icebergs, penguins, animal blubber, and the scientists that are studying there during summer months. 


This month we will be learning about poetry, penguins, and pirates! We will learn poetry terms such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. We will read poems, act out poems, illustrate poems, and recite poems at our Poetry Cafe. During our pirate unit, we will hear stories about South Carolina pirates, such as Blackbeard and Steed Bonnet. We will also create our own pirate flag, get pirate names, compare amounts of treasure and conclude our unit with "Dress Like a Pirate Day" complete with spy glasses and parrots. We will also be researching penguins, using books, videos, and PebbleGo. In math, we will be comparing numbers using the words more than, less than, or equal to. We will also begin exploring number bonds with addition and subtraction sentences. Our focus books are "The Way Home for Wolf, A Loud Winter's Nap, The Rabbit Listened, and A Stone Sat Still." Our grammar study with these books is to explore nd identify prepositions in sentences. 





Virtue of the Month




Mistletoes and Rudolph's nose! The most wonderful time of the year is here! Your two's crew will kick it off as the stars of our "Patience is a Virtue" parade. December will be bursting with themes from Laura Numeroff's classic book series such as "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and more. The children will explore the laws of cause and effect through baking, tasting, and imaginary play, while gaining knowledge and confidence in the kitchen. 

Each classroom incorporates gross and fine motor skill practice into daily activities; the building blocks to body and muscle development, while strengthening their hands to prepare them for writing. 

The children will be immersed in crafts, songs, and experiments that reflect our December curriculum. These include: green (color), star (shape), "Pat A Cake" (nursery rhyme), and patience (virtue). Lastly, their focused skill will be working on how to put on their socks and shoes. 

Our Two's crew is beyond thankful to make memories with your children everyday. We wish you the happiest of holidays and may your spirit be as bright as your little ones! 



During the month of December, our 4K students will be learning to properly form the letters G and S, as well as identifying the sounds each makes. We will also be studying Holiday Traditions and Celebrations with craft making and class parties. 

We have been preparing for the return of our holiday programs. The children are excited to show their parents all of their hard work. 

Our Discovery students are traveling to Europe. Their first stop is in Italy to make pizza and ride on a gondola. They will also visit SinterKlaas in Holland, the Louvre in Paris to see works from Monat, gingerbread houses in Germany, and more as we discover holiday traditions throughout Europe! 


In December we get to travel all around the world to learn about different holiday traditions. We will learn about Diwali in India, La Befana in Italy, Los Pasados in Mexico, Hanukkah, and Christmas. We will have a visitor from Porter-Gaud coming in for a fun reading of The Grinch, please have your child wear green! We will also spend one morning visiting each Kindergarten class to make an ornament along with enjoying a special holiday snack! Our focus books this month are Little Red Ruthie, The Wish Tree, and Santa Bruce. We will continue to work out way through the alphabet, taking a deeper look at the letters U, B, and R. While reading, we will identify punctuation and complete sentence writing. We will also be working on reading and writing CVS words. In math, we will be comparing numbers using the words more than, less than, or equal to. We will also explore quantity and volume through capacity of equal, more than, and less than. The children will be decorating gingerbread houses during their holiday parties! 


Virtue of the Month



Bring on Turkey Time! November will be filled with learning about farm life, growing foods, and Thanksgiving. Our little turkeys will explore the wonders of harvest, including growing vegetables, making soup, vegetable painting, and more!

Each classroom will incorporate gross and fine motor skill practice into daily activities - the building blocks to body and muscle development - while strengthening their hands to prepare them for writing! 

Our November themes will be filled with crafts, songs, books, experiments, and a festive Thanksgiving performance on stage for their school friends! "Ba Ba Black Sheep" and "Little Bo Peep" will also be woven into the fun. 

Lastly, their focused skill will be "using eating utensils" and learning about the virtue of "gratitude."

Our Two's crew is beyond thankful to make many memories with your children everyday! 


The Three's are Falling Into Books this month. We will share books about thankfulness, families, friendship, and Fall. We look forward to a visit from an author on November 16th, watch for order forms to come home. 

The classrooms will be buzzing with business as we prepare for the Friendship Feasts later in the month. 


During the month of November, 4K students will practice gratitude and thankfulness with our school families. The school will join in the gym for a school wide sing-a-long. Each class will share a Thanksgiving themed feast before we vacation with family and friends at the end of the month. 

Our curriculum for this month includes reviewing the past curriculum we have already learned while focusing on all we have to be thankful for. We will explore the fall harvest foods we eat and the family we cherish time with. The children will be growing some of their own vegetables from seeds as well as regrowth from the actual vegetables themself. 

Children will learn how to properly form, identify, and provide a sound for the letters O, Q, and G. They will identify and count the numbers 4 and 5, continue to copy and extend patterns, demonstrate positional words, and draw shapes independently. 

Discovery Students will continue their travels through North America as they head to Canada. Here they will learn about native Inuits, dog sledding, ice fishing, and Inukshuks. Canada is full of land and water animals to study such as narwhals, moose, and the snowy owl. Ice hockey and maple syrup are always a favorite to learn about and experience.  







Virtue of the Month



Hello October, we are so excited you are here! These little pumpkins will be learning all about the wonders of Fall, including leaves, trees, and animals. . . What a breath of fresh air! 

October is also Fire Safety month and will include a visit from our local Fire Department. 

Our Halloween theme will be filled with crafts, songs, and books. Even a festive carnival for children and their parents to enjoy! The "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Little Miss Muffet" will also be woven into the fun. 

Lastly, their focused skill will be "washing hands" and learning about "perseverance" (we think they can, we think they can). Our Two's crew is eager to make many memories with your children through endless crafts and sensory activities! 


The Three's are Down on the Farm this month and watch their learning grow! Learning about the animals and jobs on a farm will be interesting to their little minds. Classes have planned "virtual fields trips," barn "raising" is also happening in the classrooms. An exciting day on the "O'Quinn Farm and Pumpkin Patch" (Playground) has been planned as teachers plan for our annual Farm Day. Explore your child's classroom together in the upcoming days to celebrate their accomplishments, amazing artwork, and discoveries. 


Discovery classes will travel to Mexico to explore the Mayan and Aztec cultures. The students will learn about The Day of the Dead, Frida Kahlo, Mariachi music, and the Monarch butterfly migration. After learning about the sport of soccer, the children will practice some dribbling skills and play a game of soccer. We will end our unit with a fiesta to include traditional Mexican foods prepared by the children. 


October is such an exciting month in Kindergarten! We will explore stars and focus our learning on specific constellations. Then, we will learn all about bats and will conclude our unit with a bat cave day where we get to dress in all dark "bat" colors and work with the lights off! With Halloween at the end of this month, we will work on some fun Halloween crafts and activities and we get to attend the Halloween Carnival, dressed in our costumes.

In math, we are starting a new unit about 2 - D and 3 - D shapes. Our focus books for the month are The Circus Ship, Hippos are Huge, Quit Calling Me a Monster, and Pick a Pumpkin. We will work on making predictions, creating mental images, and we will discuss the author's purpose in nonfiction books. We will also discuss what is needed to make a sentence and create our own sentences. For ELA we will continue to focus on different letters by reading books, singing songs, and learning to correctly form them in our writing journals.  


August and September

Virtue of the Month



We are all so excited about our new Two's Crew! 

August and September are all about LOVING their new O'Quinn home. We will read many stories about school, learn to navigate the classroom, and begin building the most special friendships!

The children will develop a sense of their body and its parts, while exploring their 5 senses. Our "All About Me" theme will expand their thoughts on themselves and each other. 

Our main focus is to ensure that each child feels loved, has fun, and enjoys their new classroom family, one day at a time. 

Parents, thank you for entrusting us in their journey. We look forward to a fantastic year! 


This month in the Three's we are learning to Go To School. We are practicing our cutting, coloring, painting, and other new skills as we make new friends. Recognizing names, shapes, colors, and counting will be introduced this month as all of our friends learn We Can go to School. We will close the month of August with a Three's Spirit Day celebration with popsicles and bubbles. 


Welcome back to school! The 4K Team is eager to welcome friends back to our campus this month. We will begin our first few weeks of school getting to know one another and learning our classroom routines. The children will also be introduced to "Mat Man" from our Handwriting Without Tears program and review 4K readiness skills. 

Later in the month and into September, we will begin our study of the alphabet. 4K will learn how to properly form the letters L, F, E, and H as well as the sounds these letters make. Our math concepts will include the numerals 0-4, counting, and 1:1 correspondence. In addition to our shape review, the children will be playing the game "Left, Right, Center" as a fun way to introduce the positional words "left and right." 

Discovery classes will learn the 7 major continents and 5 major oceans on our planet. The students will also be introduced to map reading skills and directional words. Each class will map their own classroom and learn a song about the 7 continents. Exploring different types of ecosystems and major land formations will prepare students for our upcoming travels around the world.


Welcome back! We are so excited to get our Kindergarten year started! This month we will be getting to know each other with our unit, "All About Me." We will be learning about our city, our state, our country, and the continents. The Kindergarten students will be exploring our phonics program with the letters m, a, l, o, h, and g. We will also incorporate grammar lessons and interactive read aloud through the use of literature. In math, Kindergarten will be discussing attributes of two objects, working with different configurations of numbers to 5, and classifying objects to make categories and counting those objects. We can't wait to jump into the school year and get to know our students!