Our Curriculum


Our two’s program is based on the fundamental principle that children learn through play. Every month, our teachers use themes to guide age-appropriate and fun activities for free play, circle time, and group projects that promote social, cognitive, physical, and emotional growth. Children are gaining skills to understand the world around them while enjoying stories, art, music, nature, and friendships. As the year progresses, independence blooms!


The three’s curriculum focuses on a child’s personal and social development. Children move from parallel play in the beginning to cooperative play during both free play and structured center activities. Activities help promote positive self-esteem and independence. Children are also exposed to age-appropriate circle time lessons and activities which encourage cognitive and motor development. Some areas focused on include colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. The curriculum is designed around monthly thematic units which incorporates a multisensory approach to involve children with all learning styles.


The main goals in the four’s program are letter identification, letter sounds, and pre-reading skills. There is a focus on number concepts such as graphing skills, patterns, counting by rote, and one-to-one correspondence while counting. There is also a concentration on fine motor development, social skills, and school readiness skills. A typical day includes circle time, center time (where concepts and academic skills are embedded), storytime (theme based or concept-driven books are read), math time, and recess.


Our four’s program also offers a Discovery curriculum which is an extension to the 4K school day. This is the ultimate virtual field trip around the world. We introduce the students to different countries on all seven continents. We explore the differences and similarities of language and culture of children across the globe. The students are introduced to food, games, sports, music and art from all over the world. Along the way, students keep journals and "suitcases" of their travels. Discovery integrates social awareness of the cultures and people from around the world through reading, writing, math, large and small motor activities, science experiments, art projects, dramatic play and cooking activities.


The O’Quinn kindergarten is a full-day program filled with activities. The Open Court Reading Program, where skills are learned through interactive games, individual books and entertaining comprehensive stories, is based on eight themes throughout the year. Handwriting is developed from letter formation to unit books. The Sadlier‐Oxford Math Program is used and incorporates everyday math and hands‐on math for collaborative tactile experiences. There are many units of study throughout the year that range from the solar system to sea life. The children explore areas such as wildlife habitats, rocks, pirates, lighthouses, Charleston, and our state history. In addition, there is an exciting exploration into art history and recreating an artist’s style.


The O’Quinn School also implements an age appropriate, monthly virtues program as part of the daily preschool routine. These virtues include: friendliness, trustworthiness, respect, compassion, cooperation, responsibility, patience, excellence, and perseverance. Monthly pep rallies with teacher skits and games help the children to understand each virtue.