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Our Mission


Porter-Gaud is an Episcopal, coeducational, independent, college preparatory day school with a diverse student body. We acknowledge the sovereignty of God, recognize the worth of the individual, and seek to cultivate a school community that endows its citizens with a foundation of moral and ethical character and intellect. Porter-Gaud fosters a challenging academic environment that honors excellence in teaching and learning, respects differences, expects honesty, and applauds achievement. The school strives to create an environment that nurtures and protects what we value most in our children: their faith, their curiosity, their talents, their integrity, their humanity, and their dreams.

Our Founding Principles


True to our Episcopal identity, we affirm the spiritual dimension of life, trust in God’s love, believe in the dignity of every person, and uphold the principles of honesty and integrity and the pursuit of moral and ethical character.


Our students, parents, and teachers are all integral parts of helping students develop their personal sense of honor in school life.


A rigorous academic program is delivered by passionate, professional educators, who incorporate critical-thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills into daily lessons and discussions. 


May our WORDS be full of truth and kindness,
our ACTIONS gracious and honorable,
our THOUGHTS unselfish and charitable,
our CHARACTER noble and upright,
and our HABITS virtuous,
that our school family may grow in faith, honor, and knowledge,
as we WATCH together in all things.