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Digital Learning

Porter-Gaud believes technology powerfully enhances the curriculum and is an effective tool for individual and collaborative learning. We encourage the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and teach our students how to pair these skills with technology to help solve real world problems and grasp dynamic content. In our Lower and Middle Schools, students use iPads as a tool to consume and create educational content. In the Upper School, each student uses a laptop.  

Please see the guidelines below for how we manage our technology at Porter-Gaud.

  • LS/MS iPad Program

  • US Laptop Program

  • Space for Innovation (Maker Space, Media Centers, Libraries) 

  • Helpdesk Services

Innovation Centers

Porter-Gaud harnesses technology to extend beyond the typical boundaries of education. We are always introducing cross-curricular projects to bring together Art, Science, Math and other subjects to enhance student learning and learning spaces. 

Design Lab - We want spaces that allow students to focus on an idea, tackle a problem, or express themselves and collaborate on shared goals. The design lab lets our students collaborate and see the design process from an idea all the way to a finished product. 

Media Centers/Libraries

All media centers/libraries have digital resources available for students. These resources are available on the libraries website and include digital media and catalogs for research and learning.

Helpdesk Services

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk. Porter-Gaud Helpdesk is available from 7:45-4:00pm Monday-Friday. The main office is located in the MS Library in the S&T Building. We also offer assistance in the US library. Please check the library door for weekly schedule.

Helpdesk Website

We can also be reached at helpdesk@portergaud.edu or 843.402.4700