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The Lyceum offers tutoring and enrichment both during the day and after school. We create an environment perfect for reinforcement of classroom learning, building executive functioning skills, help with homework, and PSAT / SAT / ACT / TOEFL Prep.


One-to-one, $75.00/sessions are offered during study hall or after school for P-G students. Sessions are 45 minutes. Orton Gilligham Reading Sessions are charged $100/session and last 1 hour. Subjects include the following:

Reading, including Orton-Gillingham method; writing and grammar; SAT/ACT Prep; Math (1st Grade-Calculus AP/BC); Science; History; French; Spanish; Chinese; Latin, Math and Writing Enrichment


$75/session for individual tutoring in PSAT and SAT reading, writing and math; ACT reading, writing, math and science.


The Lyceum will again offer exam preparation help on the evenings and weekend(s) before exams. We will extend our regular hours during the week leading up to the first exam and maintain extended hours through the last exam.

All exam prep sessions are billed at $75.00 and are individual sessions unless you request a group session. Group sessions are $45/student for two students; $30/student for three.  We provide students with the study guides from their teachers, flashcards, study schedule calendars, study tips, and snacks and drinks.


We offer enrichment classes in math, writing, Chinese, and Spanish after school.


We will also be open throughout the summer, Monday through Thursday, for summer packet work, enrichment, test prep, and reinforcement of skills. Tutors and teachers will be available to work with your child on math, reading (including Orton-Gillingham), writing, history, science, French, Spanish, Latin, and Chinese, in all levels ranging from 1st grade to AP. Summer hours will be from 9:00-2:00, Monday through Thursday.


Sessions for Porter-Gaud students are billed to their Smart Tuition account. Non-Porter-Gaud Students must pay by check.

Please contact Angela McSwain at or 843-402-4691 to arrange tutoring or exam prep.