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Sports Medicine/Athletic Forms

Porter Gaud School Sports Medicine

Athletic Trainers are certified and licensed healthcare professionals who render service or treatment under the direction of or in collaboration with a physician, in accordance with their education, training and the state's statutes, rules and regulations.

Head Athletic Trainer: Dr. Lauren Frick
Assistant Athletic Trainer: Anna Michaud
Overseeing Team Physician: Dr. Robert Lowery
      *PorterGaud School is not affiliated with a hospital system. We strive to find the best fit for your child by working with all hospital systems and groups.

As a part of the health care team, services provided by athletic trainers include:
Injury prevention / management
Clinical evaluation and diagnosis
Immediate care / emergency care
Treatment, Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
Organization and administration
Professional responsibility

The Sports Medicine Center (SMC) will be open weekdays from 10:00 am until the conclusion of the last practice or game.
We encourage our athletes to see the SMC staff first, in order to facilitate the best care. In the event your child needs to see a doctor, we can typically provide same day or next day appointments with one of the orthopedic specialists who is deemed best fit for your child's injury.
We provide in-house treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning following injuries and incorporate this into your child’s school day.
We provide a return to learn program for those recovering from a head injury.
All student athletes must use their school email to set up an appointment for an injury evaluation or treatment.
      (Free periods, study hall with permission from the teacher, and lunch with permission from an AT are proper times for treatment.)
      No student will be permitted in the SMC for treatment during an academic class.
The safety and well-being of your student athlete is at the forefront of our minds. We work on a “Full Athlete” model, treating the physical, mental and socio-emotional side to injury and life! Communication and collaboration are key.
      Encourage your child to visit the SMC and speak with an athletic trainer. The better we know them, the better our care will be!
      For more information about athletic trainers, please visit https://www.nata.org/about/athletic-training.

Please reach out with any questions!
Dr. Lauren Willis
lwillis@portergaud.edu / (843) 402-4783