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Porter-Gaud affirms the value of the spiritual dimension of learning – integrating faith and reason – and is grounded in academic excellence.

We combine rigorous and free intellectual inquiry with an unapologetic proclamation of faith in a loving God. The religious studies curriculum of Episcopal schools is offered for all grade levels and is as fully rigorous as any other academic course and graded as appropriate with divisional practices. The content of religious studies is developed by the chaplains, with input from the curriculum committee, is developmentally appropriate, and may be provided through interdisciplinary or religious studies classes.  


The Religion and Philosophy Department exists to serve the mission of Porter-Gaud School by educating students in the questions and pursuits of ultimate concern. Towards this end, our core values include… 

(1) The relentless exploration and pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty
(2) Diversity of thought, background, tradition, and belief 
(3) Intellectual freedom
(4) Open dialogue and debate
(5) Epistemic humility
(6) Coherence and consistency
(7) Academic rigor. 

Our courses respectfully, inclusively, and age-appropriately engage students in the study of the cardinal and the theological virtues, the the story of Israel in the Hebrew Scriptures, the person of Jesus in the Gospels, the development of the Judeo-Christian Tradition, the metaphysical, epistemological, anthropological, and ethical commitments of the dominant and competing Western worldviews (theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, postmodernism, etc.), the history, theories, and applications of moral philosophy, and the tenets, traditions, and practices of Eastern and Western World Religions.