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Porter-Gaud is fortunate to have donors, past and present, who are committed to growing our endowment. Founded in 1867, our school is an enduring institution, and a robust endowment provides assurance that it will thrive for generations to come. Our Board, through the Investment Committee, hires and directs investment professionals who manage our endowment to generate investment earnings that support and perpetuate the mission of Porter-Gaud.

Gifts to our unrestricted endowment provide our school with stability and flexibility. What we deem essential to our quality as a school today may not seem as essential tomorrow. And what we may not even foresee today may be absolutely critical to the quality of the school tomorrow. Unrestricted endowment provides a stable source of income and it leaves the decision of how to spend that income to the trustees and the administration.

Gifts to create restricted funds within our endowment provide funding now and forever to fund scholarships, teaching positions, or other programs and expenses as designated by the donor. They may be established through outright gifts of cash or stock, or through bequests and other estate planning vehicles, at the following gift levels:
Designated Funds $10,000+
Scholarship Funds $50,000+
Faculty Chair Funds $500,000+

Donors who give to our endowment, unrestricted or restricted, leave a meaningful legacy that will perpetually support and grow the aspects of Porter-Gaud that mean the most to them.

Endowed Scholarships


Donor-established funds to support students and various causes on campus.

Endowments in Progress