Family Status Change


Family Status Change Form

This contact information will be updated in our student database, and will be reflected in the online directory.  Please note that you can only change the contact information for yourself and spouse.  Information for a separated spouse or former spouse must be provided by that individual. 

Please provide us any additional information resulting from this status change you believe to be helpful for Faculty/Staff/Administration to know.

(examples - Ms. Jane Doe, Mr. John Doe, Mr. and Mrs. John Doe, Mrs. Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe, etc.)

  • In general, all biological parents will retain access to student records in the student database except in cases with a court order to remove access to student records.
  • Step-parents or other legal guardians may be given login access to the student database by the request (in writing) of a biological parent, either in the section above on this form or by emailing the Registrar.
  • You may only make changes to your own information.  Former spouse demographic data would need to be completed by that individual.