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Library Update


Are you interested in diversifying and growing the middle school library book collection? Mrs. Wade needs help reviewing and choosing books. If you are interested, send her an email to participate in the MS Library Advisory Committee. 

Discovering who we are, together.


Middle School has 100% of the student body on campus. Classes start at 8:00 a.m. every day but Wednesday. Wednesdays are a late-in with classes starting at 9 a.m. 

School Supplies and Reading List 
Please be sure your child has all necessary supplies for school, such as pens, pencils, and paper.  We do not have the ability to offer shared supplies due to Covid. The English Department Spring reading list is listed below.  Specific editions have been noted as needed.   Also, please be sure students arrive to school each morning with a fully charged iPad.   

Since returning from the December break, teachers have prepared specific lessons and instructional methods that translate to the hybrid classroom.  Beginning on January 19th, teachers are anticipating having all students in person, with the exception of those formally enrolled in the Cyclones@home program or those on quarantine. In order to manage teaching and learning most effectively, zooming into classes is only designated for sickness, quarantine, or Cyclones@home, and is not approved for out-of-town trips or vacations or sports-related planned absences.  

Schedule Beginning January 19th
We will continue our Yellow mode schedule but operating at 100% student capacity on January 19th.   All days will follow their typical rotation schedule, including blocks on Wednesday and Thursday.                      
Honor Roll and Faculty List
Middle School students having an overall average of 93 or above with no grade under 88 earn Honor Roll. Students having an overall average of 90 or above with no grade lower than 85 earn Faculty List. Honor Roll and Faculty List are compiled using all academic courses, although a student may not fail any non-academic course. Students are notified of Honor Roll and Faculty List on their report cards at the end of each semester.   
Final Exams
In order to maintain grading consistency from semester to semester, we will not be administering final exams to Middle School students at the conclusion of the semester.  7th and 8th grade teachers will have the ability to offer 90 minute assessments, following a special exam schedule for Friday, May 28th through Wednesday, June 2nd.  These assessments will be calculated as a portion of the students’ Semester 2 Daily average.  We will send more information regarding the schedule for May as we progress through these winter months.  

Life 101 Update

In Life 101/Advisory this week, we showed an MLK Video called "Your Life's Blueprint". This was a speech MLK gave to black middle school students in Philadelphia in 1969. Our students, grades 5th-8th, watched this video and then we had discussions in advisory about things like : Social Justice, Self-Worth & Dignity, and the 3 eternal principles of life: Beauty, Love & Justice, all of which King spoke about

This was the first of a six-week Life 101 series on DEI with our students. Over the course of the next three weeks we will build on today's Life 101/ Advisory with three lessons from the Building Community & Combating Hate curriculum that has been taught in Leadership class for years. These lessons will include content on Civil Discourse and the appreciation of different values and beliefs, a lesson on stereotypes and prejudice, and one on personal responsibility related to DEI work, racism and social justice. We also have Chris Singleton creating a video for us on his book Different which will be read in each advisory and then we will hold discussions. 


ENglish Department Reading List

5th Grade: Front Desk by Kelly Yang (ISBN 978-1338157826)*Look for an email in the spring for your child’s poetry book club selection.
6th Grade: Harbor Me by Jacqueline Woodson (ISBN 978-0525515142) and The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton (ISBN 978-0-14-240733-2)
7th Grade: Life of Pi by Yan Martel (any print edition) and House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros (ISBN 0-679-73477-5) 
8th Grade: Romeo & Juliet (Folger Shakespeare Edition  ISBN 978-0-7434-7711-6) and Monster by Walter Dean Myers (Harper Collins.ISBN 0-06-028077-8)

*Students will also need two additional novels of their choice for Independent Reading. These could be library books or used books--print edition required for in class reading





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2020-21 Health and Safety Guidelines

Click HERE to read PG's current health and safety guidelines. 

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

In classes on Tuesday, we recognized the birthday of one of the most important people in history, Martin Luther King Jr. We hope you had some time to think about what he stood for and the importance of the things he said to stand up for justice and condemn hate in all its forms. Wednesday was the National Day of Racial Healing. This day presents an opportunity for people, organizations, and communities to call for racial healing, bring people together in their shared humanity and take action together to create a more just and equitable world. In the middle school we aspire to always build up our classmates and stand up when you see people treating others unkindly. Throughout the day today we’d like to think about what you can do to build a positive community in our middle school.


Operating Modes

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